Hello World.

I’m Tim, an engineer working in the Operating Platforms Group at Sun
Microsystems Inc. concentrating on writing test suites for various
Solaris technologies (currently ZFS). I live in Dublin, Ireland, with my wife who is often referred to in this web log as “the missus” or “the lovely Bob” and my baby daughter Ella – henceforth known as “Bananas”.
I was born in ’75 and I’ve got a homepage at http://www.netsoc.ucd.ie/~timf.
I like working at this company (I started in 1996, and haven’t left yet).

I started working in OPG towards the end of October 2005, doing test development
on ZFS – before that, I spent 9 years in the
Software Globalization group at Sun, part of which was spent working on the
development of tools to make the translation of software a lot more efficient – we’ve
now open sourced these tools via the
Open Language Tools
project on Java.net.

I’m interested in all things Solaris-related, and in my ample spare time,
try to help out the Marketing and User-group
communities on opensolaris.org.

That’s all for now, but in the meantime, if you’ve any thoughts or
comments, drop me a mail, even just to say “hi”.