Over the last while, there’s been plenty of discussion of software that
Sun may or may not be open sourcing (I’m not privy to those
conversations, so don’t ask me

I believe though, that doing open source is more than just sharing
source code – it’s sharing everything : release engineering, testing,
documentation, and yes – translations ! We do a lot of translation of
open source projects at Sun, and do contribute those translations back
to the various communities involved, as far as I’m aware. One area I’d
like to see us do more work in, is that of being more proactive in the
ways that open source communities could reuse these translations in
other projects.

For example, we already produce localised builds of GNOME, StarOffice,
Mozilla and Netbeans/SunONE Studio (or whatever it’s called today).
Internally, we have a home-grown translation memory system that allows
us to share translations between these open source projects and also
Solaris, Java and other Sun products.

It strikes me though, that we really ought to be doing more to help out
the existing communities to try and share their translations between
each other : maybe this is being done already by the communities
involved, I don’t know – does the fr-FR translation of “File->Open”
in GNOME match that in Mozilla and OpenOffice, and if not, why not ?

I’m hopefully giving a talk at this years GUADEC conference (a
conference for GNOME Users And Developers) on the way we do translations
at Sun, concentrating on the use of the XLIFF
and TMX localisation

Would people working on various open source projects be interested in
working together to share in some of the tools work we’re doing perhaps
even helping to host a large translation memory (a database of strings
and their translations) so that new open source projects can quickly
produce translations ? I’d be interested in hearing from you…

If you have any thoughts on this either way (maybe the existing
processes are good enough, and I’m imagining problems where there are
none – I dunno), drop me a line – I have talked to some folks on
gnome-i18n about this before, and those guys do seem to be interested in
the concept, I’m just curious as to what other groups are doing in this

An article I contributed to about XLIFF can be seen at :http://developers.sun.com/dev/gadc/technicalpublications/articles/xliff.html