Ghee mentioned that he was off to GUADEC in a few days time. I too am going to the conference, giving a talk on our work on translation technology to date. In particular, I’m interested in seeing if the folks working on GNOME translations would be interested in using some of our tools if we were able to release them. Regardless of that though, promoting the open standards that exist to help translation processes – namely TMX and XLIFF
can only be a good thing. If you’re doing translation at all, you really should know about those standards !

Hopefully, while I’m there, I’ll also get to practise a bit of event photography (the last of which I did at Peter & Anns wedding – some hits and misses there, but the ones of the musicians at the “afters” came out quite well I thought…)

Oh, it’ll also be really good to see my little brother – haven’t seen him in ages, and it’ll be great to catch up. I wonder does he have a Kiwi accent yet ?