… and all through the house,
the batteries were charging, and
I’d found that USB mouse.
The camera was ready, with monopod to spare
primed to take pictures from the conference there.

I’d found my passport – had plane tickets in hand
I knew my schedule, what time I would land
With luggage all sorted, allowances capped
All I had left to pack was that foreign plug adapter [forced rhyme there, sorry]

Rehearsing my slides with notes all planned
Did I have copies to pass around ?
Was my software working – was it all good ?
My message clear and easily understood

rest omitted, acknowledging that perhaps poetry isn't my strong point

Ahem, sorry about that. I get really nervous the night before travelling off on a business trip. I always make sure I have access to umpteen copies of my presentation, making sure the laptop is definitely working, that I can VPN into sun.com and just checking things twice generally.

I fly out of here tomorrow afternoon at 4pmish, and arrive in Kristiansand later tomorrow evening. Fingers crossed all goes well.