Well, that was an cool trip. I got to meet lots of interesting people, went to interesting presentations and had interesting conversations. You know, the whole things was just … interesting (especially the Norwegian currency conversion rates!!) I have to say, that it was really well worth going to, and I had a ball.

I’ll see if I can post some of the many photos I took over the next few days but for the time being, I’ll just point to some documents. My talk on Translation Technology at Sun Microsystems, Inc. went down quite well, and despite being worried that I’d be flayed alive at presenting an as-yet unreleased, private set of translation tools to a bunch of folks working on OSS, the audience seemed to be happy that we were making the effort and doing something positive.

The upshot of the talk and the following discussions, seems to be that if we can somehow host our translation tools on a web-accessible server, it would be a good first step in helping translation activities on the GNOME Translation Project. I’ll keep at it, but right now after a week of hard work (and some play) I just want to sleep for a bit.

The only thing that was a slight annoyance was the total lack of support in Solaris for the wireless card in my toshiba m100 laptop – and as a result, I haven’t read my sun.com email all week.