I’m starting to get feedback from people interested in my talk at GUADEC, so far so good. The most interesting one, is from Lucas who despite missing the talk (he wasn’t at GUADEC) found it from a link at the Sun Global Application Developer Corner. So he sent me a mail, saying that he was interested in doing a similar tool for use on OpenOffice, had seen the paper and wanted to translate it.

So, here we go – a Spanish translation of my GUADEC paper : thanks Lucas !! So the interesting thing to watch now, will be the amount of people who are asking us to release our translation tools — I really believe that they could be very effective in improving the quality of open source translations, especially in getting more consistency between docs and UI translations. If you’d be interested in getting your hands on these tools, drop me an email : hopefully I can use it try to convince the folks that make these decisions that releasing these tools would help everybody.