L-Plate I’m in the middle of learning to drive. Again.

That is to say, I never knew how to before : I tried to learn when I was 17, but gave up back then very quickly. I just wasn’t terribly interested in learning back then and my bicycle and public transport were enough to get me around. Being married now though if ever we go off on trips, it’s the missus who has to do the driving, and that’s not fair. So I’m learning to drive. Again.

So far, it’s going quite well I think. I’m at the stage where I can start the car, wander happily through the gears (sometimes even in the right order) and stop the car. I’m lacking co-ordination and confidence at the moment though. The years of cycling on the manic streets of Dublin have made an impression. Bob says I’m a little too inclined to stick close to the curb and pull in too quickly after avoiding obstacles. It’s those extra 2 feet on my left and 4 feet in front and behind me that I have to worry about. (What a complete waste of space!)

I’ll keep at it, though I’m still getting the gears all wrong – I think I need those paddle-style F1 gear levers : for now, they’re only available on
exotic cars
, and the share price isn’t quite at the level where I can afford one of those yet.[1]. Perhaps I’ll appreciate why gear sticks were designed the way they were after I’ve got used to them. (Similar to the differences in using a Sony DSC-S85 versus a Canon 10D – the latter is a little more complex to begin with, but ultimately designed much better for taking pictures)

[1]Though with this in the works I’m sure it won’t be long!