No no, really – that’s what I’m trying to do. Writing translation tools is a fine and noble profession (didn’t you know?), but I don’t want to be doing this forever. So, that’s why my ultimate goal here is self-destruction. I want to automate this stuff to the extent that my job isn’t needed any more and I can go off and do something more interesting instead. (and there’s lots of interesting things going on at Sun[1])

Of course, there’s a bit of a catch-22 situation going on. As soon as I write one translation tool that makes it easier, cheaper and faster to do one particular task and thus get closer to my goal, another task immediately pops up to take it’s place: people see that it could be possible to automate more translation-related things, based on a history of other automated tasks, and a new project is started.

Perhaps there’s a glint of Greek mythology in what I do (certainly my task has been challenging, but it’s starting to get a bit boring) Looking on the bright side of things – at least I’m doing something worthwhile, but maybe it’s time for change ?

There’s other folks working at Sun who are doing similar, attacking potentially dull or repetitive work with an armoury of scripts and tools, completely kicking ass at what they’re doing in my opinion : fintanr and smg being two such heroes.

Roll on the automation – let’s lose our jobs !

ed: perhaps that should be “Roll up..” ?

[1] I was tempted to link every word in that sentence to something interesting going on at Sun , but then I realised that there weren’t enough words, or even letters in that sentence to make that an easy choice. SunLabs are doing lots of interesting things, but you’ll also find cutting edge stuff happening in just about every other product group in the company.