I got a puncture on the way home yesterday, thankfully not too far from my front door, so it wasn’t too much of a problem to get home. It was my own fault really – I tend to run the tyres on my bike at really high pressures to reduce rolling resistance and thus go faster. However the Dublin streets just aren’t made for that kind of tyre pressure (I hit a pothole at high speed, heard a “bang”, followed by that all-too-familiar whooshing noise)

So this morning, I ran in to work – didn’t take too long, around 40 minutes, from Raheny to East Point. I’m completely wrecked (and there’s me thinking I was reasonably fit – so much for that notion).

This is my 2nd last day in the office before 2 weeks holidays, which I’m really looking forward to. At the moment, the plan for the coming weeks is :

  • Hang around the house on Monday doing random stuff
  • Fly to Nottingham on Tuesday to visit friends of ours
  • Back Wednesday night
  • Drive to Carrickfergus on Thursday
  • Boat to Scotland on Friday morning
  • Stay in Glasgow on Friday night
  • Spend the next week in The Trossachs
  • Drive back to Dublin on 19th Sep.
  • Back in the office on 20th Sep.
  • Fly off to Berlin for the OpenOffice.org Conference 2004 on 21st Sep
  • Back on the 25th September (for a rest!)

Lots of things to look forward to : general touristy things in Nottingham, lots of walking, cycling and photography in Scotland, spending lots of time with the missus, and finally topping it off with a little more tourism around Berlin and being at the OpenOffice conference with what sounds like a really interesting schedule of speakers, based on what I’ve seen so far of the preliminary program.

I’ll be at the conference with a Solaris laptop (assuming I haven’t killed it on holidays) loaded with our translation tools, so if anyone wants a demo of them while I’m there, just give me a shout — I’d be happy to show off our tools and answer any questions people might have about them.