I’m just back from Scotland today, having spent a week in the company of the lovely missus, with lots of fantastic walking, cycling, photography and general chilling out in some of the most picturesque landscapes I’ve seen. And now I have to face work tomorrow, oh well !

Still, no chance to settle back into daily routine though. I fly out to Berlin for the upcoming OpenOffice Conference on Tuesday, so between now and then, I have to try to remember what it is I do for a living… Hmm, knew this web log would come in handy for something !

I took lots of photos while away, both in Nottingham and Scotland, but I haven’t uploaded any photos other than these yet. You can see these ones at a slightly larger size in my Scotland folder over on
photo.net. (The first three make nice backdrops, by the way – let me know if you like them ?)

Note to self : going to Scotland without having first bought a really wide angle lens may have been a mistake :-)