So, as I mentioned before, I’m heading to the conference in Berlin this week. I’ll be there to give a BOF on the translation tools we use at Sun. The only catch though, is that according to the schedule it’s on at 18:30 on Thursday evening, by which stage, people will be tired and in need of a cup of tea and a wee sit down.

But hey, schedules, who needs ’em ! I’ll be at the conference all week with our tools sitting on a freshly installed Solaris laptop (though since all the tools are written in Java, they’ll run on just about anything) If you’re interested in these tools at all, I’d be more than happy to demo them at any time.

In particular, I’m interested also in talking to you – when you’re doing translation, what are the areas that really bug you – can you think of any areas where better translation tools would help you out ?

See you all in Germany !