Work-wise, I’m up to my neck at the moment – I’ve just about got the context-information and xliff-sub-segmentation stuff finished now. A few unexpected surprises in the way we implemented stuff originally in our code meant I got diverted into a whirlwind tour of our translation editor and translation memory server code in order to get the source-language context information carried properly across all the tools. (12 and 14 hour days all this week, ouch. yawn)

But it’s alright now, I think. Next stop is integrating everything together, and pushing the Submit button to see it all working.

Next week, I’m off to Paris for the LISA Forum, Europe. I’m supposed to be giving a talk on translation technology for open source communities, which is a bit strange in that very few of them are using our tools right now, because we haven’t yet given them away, but we are getting there, trust me.

I’ve never been to a LISA (the Localisation Industry Standards Association, not the USENIX conference of the same name, that would be much more interesting) conference before, but everyone who’s anyone in the localisation industry should be there, so it’ll be interesting to see how our tools stack up. Based on the emails from other conference participants I’ve been getting all week, I rather suspect I’ll be the only person not trying to sell you stuff, though given half a chance, I’ll happily sing the joys of Solaris 10 to all who will listen.

As usual, I’ll be the one wearing the Sun t-shirt, carring a laptop running a real operating system and our translation tools, so feel free to stop me and introduce yourself.

Regarding the weather, today was the first day I needed gloves while cycling in to work – getting decidedly nippy out there.