Just back from the LISA conference and am not long home (to a cold and empty house unfortunately, the missus is also off on a business trip – I miss her lots, she’s back on Saturday thankfully).

I’ll try and write up some longer, and perhaps more coherent thoughts on my experiences at the conference, and some of the issues that I think are facing the localisation industry at some stage.

Contrary to what I had thought before, there weren’t too many people trying to sell me stuff, which was good. In general I was very glad I had the opportunity to attend the conference. I did get to talk to a lot of the people working in the LISA OSCAR group, who concentrate on trying to define some standards that can be used by the localisation industry. I’d chatted to lots of them via email before, but had never met them in person. Here’s hoping that there’ll be a little more momentum in some of the standards work they’re doing, particularly with respect to providing free implementations of these standards, so as to help drive adoption – preferably at least two different ones. Perhaps by looking at the history of other standards that are in use today, we could learn more about how standards are adopted ?

Beware though, as Jim Waldo points out, it’s not all plain sailing : “Why Standards” and “Why Standards, Part Deux” have the details…