Things are busy here at the moment, but unfortunately not busy in the way I’d like them to be. Being part of an internal tools team, obviously our primary focus has been on internal “customers” (they’re just Sun employees like me, but since they’re the main reason our tools exist, we call them customers)

Despite our best efforts, we haven’t been able to devote enough time to releasing our tools to the open source translators out there as I’d like – there’s always other bugs to fix, and internal customers can scream quite loudly. (understatement of the year ?)

That said, we are making some progress : there’s a project running here to try and get closer to some of the translation communities working on the open source programs we base some of our products on – being the one that we’re focusing on at the moment. So, as a first shot, we’re trying to see if we can release a binary of our translation editor to folks out there to see what they think of it. However, there’s an amount of red-tape that we’re trying to deal with right now – the fairly strict U.S. export compliance laws being the one that we’re dealing with at the moment.

Sun takes this stuff very seriously, we’ve had our knuckles rapped in the past, so we’re eager to do things properly [the potential penalties for screwing up are severe ]

So, in spirit with that, one of my colleagues is currently adding a binary code license agreement dialog box to the editor. Of course, assuming we open source our tools, we won’t need to resort to such drastic measures (sign your life away to use an editor, I don’t think so ! The idea being that we’ll have had the lawyers do their thing before the code is released)

Anyway, to add to all that (we being insanely busy), I’ve got a cold at the moment, and spent yesterday working from home, sipping chicken soup and feeling sorry for myself. Any and all comments offering sympathy and cold remedies will be gratefully accepted !