Having my birthday on Halloween has several advantages :

  • It’s usually a public holiday in Ireland
  • I get a fireworks display every year
  • As a kid, got lots of opportunities to dress up in scary costumes and eat sweets

Of course, I’m probably too old to go trick or treating at this stage, so the plan for today, is to go hill walking this morning around the Wicklow mountains with the missus, flask of soup & my camera. Back by lunchtime to process pictures and eat something, then mess about with s10x_70 on one of my home machines (had been running s10x_57 for ages, and hadn’t got around to upgrading it). Finally there’s a fireworks display and dinner to look forward to, the missus treating me to steak sandwiches, tiramisu and a nice bottle of chateauneuf-du-pape (I’m really spoilt – she’s fantastic!).

So, I’m 29 this year, which means I’ve only got one year to work out what those things are that I’m supposed to have accomplished before I’m 30. Well, high on my list is just to “be happy”, in a sort of Bobby McFerrin kind of way. So far, I think I’m doing pretty well – have wonderful wife, great friends and work for a cool company. Not bad going :-)

If I get any decent fireworks photos later on, I’ll try to post them here.