Did that most Irish of things yesterday, dug for potatoes. We didn’t exactly plan on growing spuds this year, instead these were the result of a few of the potatoes we grew last year – we must have missed a few when digging them up, hence stealth potatoes : they snuck under our gardening radar, so to speak and had been happily growing alongside chives, rosemary, and nasturciums (wonder will they taste any better as a result ?)
We got a fairly good crop too :
Photo of Tim's potato crop

Apart from being green-fingered, I also put up a few shelves in our front-room and tried to tidy my study a bit so it’s now possible to walk from one side of the room to the other without tripping over cables (usb, cat-5 and power cables, mostly – next stop, wireless networks!) We’re off down to Wicklow this afternoon to visit my parents and give me some badly-needed driving practice along the way, so if you’re on the N11 this afternoon, keep an eye out for a white ’95 Opel Corsa and give it a wide berth!