Carlos pointed me to a post on about a new project request to put together some XLIFF tools.

This is really excellent news, and I’ve already been in touch with those guys asking if there’s anything I can do to help and sent on a sample po file and it’s XLIFF equivalent. Having more tools that could process this format would really help to make it more visible. Here’s hoping the project goes well – if there’s anything I can do to help, let me know !

The status on our end, is that we had a meeting on Friday to talk about potential places where we could start our project from – several locations were mentioned, but at the moment seems the most likely one, since it’s nicely project-agnostic (hinting that our tools could be of use to any translation project, not just GNOME,, etc.) So, the wheels are in motion at least – just need to keep plugging away. I’m guessing a release date of around Jan ’05, but don’t quote me on that.

I spent much of last week trying to clean up the code so that it’d all build nicely (there was too much interdependent stuff in the backconverters for software file-support) so things are looking much cleaner now and probably won’t be quite as daunting when you get to see the code.