Was at Fintan’s going away drinks last night – he’s heading off tomorrow to the other side of the world for 6 months. One of the nice things about working for Sun is that it’s pretty much a case of “have ethernet connection, will travel” : if you can do your job as effectively from another location, there’s a good chance you’ll be allowed to.

I suppose I could probably do the same thing : the only other folks working on our translation tools are two guys in Prague and one guy in Beijing (though only one of them is directly working on the translation tools themselves, the others are mostly taking care of our portal-based workflow system). I quite like Ireland though, and having a wife and a mortgage makes it a little harder to just uproot everything and head off into the great wide open, but nothing’s impossible…

Fintan will be working from Australia and New Zealand for the next 6 months – perhaps he’ll bump into one of the other Foster brothers who’s working out of Christchurch at the moment.

Fintan was mentioning that one of the conditions of visiting down under for a while, was that he’s supposed to give a presentation on something technical. I believe the suggestions from the audience included “How on earth did you manage to convince your boss to let you do this ?” (answer hidden somewhere in this post ! :-)