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thumbnail of a half-tidied study

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warning – large images there

I’m about halfway through tidying my study : not sure what brought on this desire to bring order where once there was chaos, but it seems to be working – I can see my floor again, which can only be a good thing.

The problem is, I’m a hoarder – I keep *everything* – old bank statements, instruction manuals, random mementos from old holidays, everything – much to my wife’s annoyance. The study is my bit of the house, to decorate and organise how I see fit, so that probably explains why it was in the state it was in (don’t have photos of the “before” I’m afraid – maybe that’s for the best)

So, I’ve gone from four or five boxes of “useless crap”, (Bob’s words, not mine!) down to just two – everything that I haven’t used or looked at in the last two years is going out. While it’s obvious that I can’t keep hoarding indefinitely, I still find it difficult to throw out things that might come in useful someday (that being my excuse for hoarding things). I suppose in a sense, I’m just distilling the “useless crap” into small quantities of high quality “useless crap”.

Of course, there’s advantages to hoarding things – there’s lots of interesting lessons you can learn from history. How about this “Computer Shopper” magazine from 1988 :

– on the front page are the headlines :

  • IBM PC Clones – Do they really save you money ?
  • At Last ! CP/M on the Sinclair Spectrum
  • Xenix – the future worth buying ?
  • Make money from sharing your wares
  • Borland’s Turbo C 1.5 Tested
  • Amiga and Atari Midi software tested
  • TopDos – a way to a better Dos ?
  • PCW Brainstorm has a rethink
  • Full Amstrad show report

Great stuff ! Are we worrying about many of the questions above these days ? Do IBM PC Clones save you money ? Yes, almost certainly. Make money from sharing your wares ? Yep, I think so :-)

In other news, I’m soon off on vacation again – like every other year, I seem to have hoarded quite a few holidays this year. One of the slight downsides (if you could call it that) to working at Sun for a long time : I get an extra holiday allowance which I almost always fail to take by the end of the year. Of course, I’m not complaining too much – they do allow us to sell extra holidays, but the rate isn’t that fantastic (probably to encourage employees to take time off instead).

At the end of November, I found out I had 19 days leave to take before the end of the year ! I’m allowed carry 5 days into next year, but it means that I get most of December off – so I’m only in the office on Monday and Tuesday this week before lots of time off to unwind. No real plans as yet, other than to generally potter around the house and do odd little bits of DIY here and there. I’ll try to post about anything interesting I get up to.