I’ve finally caved in and bought a mobile phone – I feel very low as a result ! For the last few years, I’ve been resisting the damn things, being content to use my voicemail either at home or in the office, or one of several email addresses. The theory was, that if I had enough passive message-boxes that I could poll on intervals, then people could still contact me in case of emergency.

That theory finally fell to pieces last weekend though when I got a bus out to a party at a friends house which was in the middle of a new housing development. I’d been there several times before alright, but only by car, so when I got off the bus, I was completely disoriented. To make matters worse, lots of new houses had been built since I was there before and it was a cold, wet, dark night. I spent the next hour or so wandering around in the rain, thinking “the next phone box I see, I’ll give him a call”, I eventually stumbled on their house purely by chance – given the amount of rain, the term “Brownian motion” seems appropriate. For just such an occasion, a mobile phone would have been really handy. (I guess the housing developers didn’t bother building public phone boxes, since they assumed most normal people would have cell phones…)

Today, I’ve spent too much time trying to get used to the fiendish device – so far, I can’t seem to find a ringtone that just goes “beep” (they all want to try and play Britany Spears at me or some other popish ditty : if I wanted a portable device to play music, I’d have bought an iPod dammit!) nor a look & feel that doesn’t look stupid : at times like these, I think Moore’s Law works against us… I have a feeling I wasn’t the target

for this device.

On the other hand, the camera on it sucks, but I suppose I didn’t buy it to take pictures.

Still, on the plus side, it does have Java builtin, and comes with a few quite nice games, including a slightly updated version of Pole Position (of which I have fond memories of playing on an old Atari 2600) called V Rally, maybe mobile phones aren’t such bad things after all. Time will tell, but for the time being, a 12 yr old will still beat me hands (thumbs?) down in a SMS words-per-minute challenge…