Okay, another input file format is on it’s way!

From some of the nice comments I got on my last post about the XLIFF editor demo (thanks for the interest guys) I thought I’d take another drop everything day to see how tricky it would be to come up with an OpenOffice.org Writer to XLIFF filter : it turns out, “not very” was the answer !

This morning, I started hacking on some code to handle the plumbing of extracting the content.xml from the input sxw file, pass it into our existing XML filter (updated with an 18 line configuration file) and then recompress the results. 200 lines later it was finished and seems to mostly work (shock horror!). Now, there’s still a bit more to do : I’m not doing any styles manipulation on the translated document and the backconverter hasn’t been taught how to handle these XLZ files yet, but it’s a good start I think. Since this uses the same segmenter as the other documentation filters we’ve written, we should be able to achieve some amount of translation reuse between this and those other formats, which is a good thing, I believe. I’ll add the code to CVS so others can continue where I left off once we open source this stuff… (I’m not really supposed to be working on new filters, I just thought this would be neat)

Here’s a screenshot of me editing this OpenOffice.org document as converted to XLIFF in our translation editor :

Hope this’ll be useful to any translators out there that use OpenOffice.org !

ps. I’m out of the office tomorrow, on vacation (heading off into the Dublin/Wicklow hills to take photographs for the day) – back in the office on Thursday

Update:Now that I mull over this post a bit more, I’m thinking that what I put together isn’t all that fantastic or surprising on it’s own merits, it’s more a general testament to the joys of employing Open Standards ! If the OpenOffice.org file format wasn’t as easy to manipulate as this, my “drop everything” morning would have easily stretched into weeks, months or years… Thank You OpenOffice developers for making my life easier !