That’s the thing with blogs, isn’t it – how do you maintain interest in the things you want to talk about, while at the same time keeping your readers happy ? I noticed Jim decided to stop worrying about it and decided to have a better degree of separation between work posts and personal posts. I know how he feels.

I’ve had several people say to me recently : “What’s up with the blog Tim, I mean, all that boring translation tools stuff, I just skip over those posts : where’s the real content ?!” (this includes the lovely Bob, whose eyes glaze over (in a fetching manner, I’ll add) when I even mention what I do for a living!) So, just to let you folks know – I haven’t forgotten you, I just don’t think I’ve got anything particularly interesting to say at the moment : oh, perhaps one update that might be worth mentioning : we’re planning a big vacation soon ! We’re heading to New Zealand, in March.

My last big holiday was a few years ago in Australia where I had a fantastic time, so I’m really looking forward to seeing more of the southern hemisphere. The good news, is that I won’t be alone this time as I’ll be accompanied by the missus and will probably be meeting up with fintanr and the little brother (sadly the only other Foster-brother to be working for Sun anymore, and then there were two…) it’ll be good to have local contacts who hopefully will know more about where to go and what to do while we’re there. We’ve decided to stick to the South Island – not thinking we’ll have long enough to visit both islands (we’re leaving Ireland on the 12th March and arriving home on the 1st Apr) – besides, I’m guessing the North Island will still be there in a few years time, so it’d be a good excuse to visit again.

Of course, I’ll be taking the full array of photographic gear, and a large amount of storage, so will hopefully get some good photos for the wall while I’m there – by all accounts the scenery is breathtaking.

Anyway, I’m straying slightly off-topic again : I guess the thing is (and to answer the question I started this post with), so long as you’ve got RSS categories and take
a little time to consider how to classify your content (I made it easy for myself : “translation tools”, and “everything else”) then people can get what they want – all I need to do, is keep providing the content !