Those way-cool GNOME folks have put together a press release for the
GNOME 2.10 release and have sent out a
call to get it translated
: I’m getting really frustrated here
though, as they’re running into a few small problems when using their
existing translation tools on the document. The original was in .sxw
format, then hacked into Docbook and then further hacked into .po
message files in order to translate it (If the only tool you have is a
hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.)

I’m frustrated because we have the capacity to translate
.sxw files
natively and are trying to get our filters open sourced,
but are running into more and more brick walls along the way. They can’t
use our tools directly until they’re released. Now, I understand the
need for process and due course, but this is getting ridiculous ! We
could really help those guys out here, but can’t do anything about it
until we can release our code.

Here’s a question though – would you guys be able to use an XLIFF
version of that file ? If so, it’s linked here
– just unzip that archive to get at the content.xlf, and invoke your
XLIFF editor of choice. Once it’s translated, I’ll happily convert it
back to sxw for you – just email me the translations… I’m not
broadcasting this on the gnome-i18n list, because technically speaking,
the tools aren’t downloadable for you guys to use yet (and I don’t want
to piss you off by carrot-dangling any more), but in the absense of
that, this might help a bit. Hey, if you really want to, you might find
the content.xlf file a bit easier to convert to .po format :-)

Of course, you’ll probably want to do some post-editing of the
translated sxw file (to add local-specifc information) but this would
allow you to get most of it translated quickly.

Update: The rest of the release notes are here
in XLIFF format, if that’s of any use to you guys