In reference to a previous
(which showed me messing about with locales, and contained a
plea to application developers) can anyone think of reasons why
something like this wouldn’t work :

Using a layered approach to solve the problem of having many sources of locale data

We’d really like to be able to allow users to customise their locale
data on the fly, but obviously don’t want them to require a C-compiler
in order to do so (!)

Likewise, we’d like that locale data to affect the entire desktop,
not just one platform (Java apps, OpenOffice and the rest..) Writing
something that sits on top of the CLDR
that proxies requests from existing libraries and could allow users to
choose from standard sets of locale data, or customise them based on
their own preferences (perhaps instead reading from somewhere like /var/sadm/machine-locale.xml
or /home/timf/.user-locale.xml) would seem to me to be a
way out of this mess.

Any thoughts ? It’s a hell of a lot of work but would ultimately benefit
users, I believe.