Aaah, nearly home – we’re sitting in Frankfurt Airport at the moment,
waiting for our final connection to Dublin (in about 3 hours time). I
decided to avail of the wireless hotspot here to kill some time (pity it
wasn’t free, but I wish every airport was as nicely connected as this
one…) I haven’t managed to kill the Solaris laptop on vacation and all
seems to be working yay

It feels like we’ve been travelling for days, though I think it’s more
like 25 hours so far – though I could be wrong there – long haul flights
always make my brain hurt.

The flight from Christchurch to Sydney was pretty uneventful. Except for
the ungodly hour we had to get up at, and have poor Glynn
drive us to the airport (about 3am, I think it was : cheers Glynn, much
appreciated !) We arrived into Sydney at 6:30am and thanks to the joys
of the internet and a very well run immigration department, rather than
hang around till 15:00 that afternoon in the terminal building, we’d
applied for ETA visas which would allow us to spend the time wandering
around Sydney itself (much better!) also got to see some relatives as
well, which was really nice.

The flights then from Sydney to Singapore and then from Singapore to
here were about the same as I remember from a
few years ago
– grueling to say the least, but Quantas do seem to
make the best of a bad deal : quite nice food, a TV screen in the
headrest in front of you, and a minimum of fuss.

Not sure what I’ll do for the rest of today, laundry and sleeping most
likely, but I’ll have to make a start on processing these photos too :
over the course of the last 18 days or so, I’ve taken about 1,600 photos
— probably should try to weed that number down a bit before subjecting
people to the inevitable slideshow. In the meantime, here’s
I took while we were driving along beside Lake Wanaka (hence
motion-blurred foreground) Had we stopped at every potential photo
opportunity while we were there, I’d need to have booked a *lot* more
time off work !

Need to start saving for a return trip to NZ right away.