New Scientist
have a rather interesting bit of feedback
about a German website that seems to have fallen foul of overt
trust in the effectiveness of machine translation systems :

Searching for campsites in Germany, Candida Frith-Macdonald came across
She suggests that English speakers with a few minutes to kill on a dull
day could do worse than visit and click on the little flag that gives
you the site in English. Or at least, she corrects herself, “something
loosely approximating English”. After all, how often are you offered a
holiday including activities such as “Pancake shoes” and “Sausage
crickets at the campfire”, in surroundings “determined by natural wood
and extreme substances”? (Quote

Worth considering, the next time you use a machine translation system I
think. (Thanks to the missus for forwarding this link on to me!)

Update: maybe I’m wrong, perhaps it’s just a plain old bad