Dunc sent me on a link to this : The
Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster
– pretty funny (and you know,
sometimes, I know exactly how he feels…)

Like Calum
I too have installed Mac OS X 10.4 on my machine at home, the upgrade
installation went okay and was done in about an hour. Since I’d skipped
10.3 altogether, it was the first time I got to play with things like
Exposé and the new Finder – they’ll take a bit of getting used to. The
only thing that seems to be acting up at the moment, is connecting via
VNC (OSXVnc 1.5) to my mac at home from inside Sun – (was working fine
before, using ssh tunneling) but more investigation is definitely
needed, so don’t quote me on that.

First impressions are that yes, it’s definitely snappier than 10.2
(duh!) though that all went away for an hour or so when Spotlight
started indexing my disk and at the same time, I fired up the new
version of iPhoto, which started converting my old photo collection, or
at least some of it – I’d long since got tired of waiting for the old
iPhoto to do anything useful and have switched to using a plain old
filesystem, but I want to give it a 2nd chance. Listening to my disk
churning away, I hopped over to a terminal and typed prstat 1,
oops – sorry wrong OS, top -u (hate it when that happens)
and sure enough, Spotlight and iPhoto were taking up most of the cpu
(and top, obviously enough, which reminds me of the time Bryan
came to the site here to talk about DTrace, and mentioned people trying
to look at machine performance using top : top would just scream “I’m
the performance problem : Why Are You Running Me !?”)

I wasn’t able to hang around waiting for it to finish, so I guess I’ll
play more later. I’m looking forward to using the desktop search stuff –
it’ll be interesting to see if their implementation has got it right.
Oh, also really like the new
RSS-aware screensaver…

Of course, the only reason I’m using a mac at all, is that Adobe & Canon
haven’t released versions of Photoshop or DPP for Solaris… sigh

Update: Sorted out the ssh tunneling, as per this
on MacNN.com, opening my ssh tunnel using
as opposed to localhost fixes the problem (eg. “ssh -L
5902: mirrorball” – this is a Panther thing apparently,
rather than something new in Tiger)