made a comment
on one of my earlier postings about some of the music I listen to and I
suggested in reply that you can probably tell a lot about a person by
what they listen to. So, without further ado, here’s a list
of what’s in my iTunes music library

(Now, a quick qualifier : some of this music belongs to the
missus, so if you think there’s stuff in there that I wouldn’t listen
to, you’re probably right. We both like Stevie Wonder, in case you’re
curious : in fact, there seems to be a play-count column in there, so
you can work it out for yourself :-)

I’ve been reading with great interest the stuff Paul
has been writing
about research into music information retrieval : I
just can’t wait for the updated version of iTunes “smart” playlist to
actually start living up to it’s name. I’d imagine this sort of research
has loads of applications, waay beyond keeping party goers bouncing to
the same beat…

Of course, I do understand his point that a good playlist probably
isn’t something that we’ll easily be able to program in the next few
years : teaching an appreciation of art to computers isn’t easy (they
just want to goof off class and play games all the time ;-)

From a desktop users point of view, I’d love more intelligent use
of the music I’m listening to : my IM system should be able to choose to
ignore incoming messages because I’m listening to the style of music
that I usually write the best code to, or perhaps to turn up the volume
when my favourite track comes along (in fact, that really bugs me that I
still have to do that manually)

My friend Mike McHugh is working in D.C.U.
on some research that probably is quite related. One of the questions
he’s asking, is whether or not audio-tracks linked to videos can be
useful in surveillance applications. Not just security-related
applications either, imagine if you could listen to the disks in a
server room start to change pitch as their bearings begin to wear out
and have your operating system detect it, and let you do something about

These are all good uses of technology in my book – and because Sun
are involved in it, it’s another one of the
reasons I work here.

This entry was written to the tune of Lauryn Hill – Keep It
Tight, on DJ Skribble, Traffic Jams