The New
feedback page has another translation gem I thought you’d
find amusing…

Generously conceding Peter Shaw’s right to claim the coining of
“redundant translation syndrome” and to a first in the Latin division
with “seize the carpe diem” (2 April), Hal Kouns becomes a strong
contender in the French division by pointing out that over the years
he has received a number of requests to “please RSVP”. But he has a
challenger in Tom Reidy in Brussels, who read our piece on this topic
only to switch on the TV news and hear a cardinal described as “parmi
des ‘top ten’ des dix premiers candidats” for pope.

Meanwhile, Nick Papadakis storms into the Spanish division by
reminding us of the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles – or, translated,
the The Tar Tar Pits. No doubt there will be more. (Quote

Right, I’d better get back to the grindstone. By the way, I’ve
found a way to ease the chore of writing documentation : I’m putting
together a simple interface for our XLIFF filters – previously, the only
way you could run them was from the command-line, eg. java
, but
that’s not terribly user-friendly, so I’ve got the bones of a gui that’s
a simple panel with a large “Drop files here”
label to which you can drag & drop files that are then converted to

Drag and drop from native platforms to Java applications isn’t as
easy as I’d hoped it’d be; I seem to need to write special methods for
different platforms, but so far, I’ve got it working fine with GNOME,
Mac OS X and Windows, so that’ll do for now. Of course, this code will
be part of our open source release once we get that last bit of legal
stuff we’re waiting for. I’ll let you know more as soon as I’ve got it!