So I’m still working on documentation for the release of our
translation tools, oh and getting distracted on all sorts of other
stuff, hence the slow progress, but I am making progress.

I’ve got the (currently, somewhat monochromatic) project home page started
on, with some information about what we’re doing and why. I need
to spend a little while playing around with some graphics to give some
colour to the front page, though that’s very low priority right now. I
should also probably add some screenshots once I have them. There’s
already a simple FAQ up there and also some articles to introduce people
to the translation editor and XLIFF filters (as if this web log for the
last year wasn’t enough !)

Tomorrow’s tasks will include refining the package-renaming script
(which now also adds the contents of a file to a java comment at the top
of each piece of source, in place of a copyright statement) which I talked
about a while ago
, doing some test builds to make sure that
everything works and then getting started on some build and installation
docs. The former will probably be very easy, a README file containing
the words “ant filters” and “ant
” will probably do it ;-) but I might spend a bit
longer on the latter though : there’s still a few usability problems
with the XML to XLIFF filter during installation, so it’ll require a bit
more work (hmm, should probably get the new OpenOffice OASIS file format
working too before we release, would people like that ?)

I had been thinking that I wouldn’t mention too much more about the tools
on this blog till I actually had source code or binaries (at least)
on the web site to show you, but it’s looking like that’ll take another
week or so to get all the legal stuff resolved. So in the meantime,
wanting to show you that I am doing something, I figure it mightn’t hurt
after all to give you a sneak peak at what’s there at the moment.

You can get to the project (which is still inside the
incubator) at
The fact that we’re still in the incubator means that we haven’t got
everything working as well as we’d like yet, the lack of source code is
obviously quite a barrier to the project going anywhere yet, but hey –
small steps.

The project is called Open
Language Tools
, and I hope you like it. I’d be interested in hearing
any comments about what’s on the site so far. As soon as we get out of
the incubator, we’ll be making all sorts of official announcements, so
you didn’t hear this from me, okay ? :-)

ps. this appears to be my 100th blog entry ! I’m sure that’s a
cause for celebration (or something)