Glynn gave what
looks like a fantastic talk at GUADEC
this year – missed the talk, but did get to look at his
, which are worth looking at if you missed the talk.

If anyone’s interested, I’ve got an XLIFF
version of the slides here
– seems like there’s still some problems
with our filter, in that some of the segmentation isn’t
perfect : I’m not sure if that’s a fault with my segmenter, or Glynn’s
sentence structuring :-) Still, it’s good enough to be able to produce a
translation of the slides I reckon… (assuming you have our
, which I’m actively working on getting released)

I missed the conference (both physically in that I wasn’t there, and
emotionally in that I’d like to have been there, sounds like it was fun)
I did get to see some of the archived
though, which was good and Damien brought me back a
t-shirt as well, so I’ll be wearing that sometime soon !


[Update: Calum
also put
up a pdf version of these slides
as well, just in case you don’t
have some fonts used in the presentation ]