I’m delighted at last, to be able to announce the first
binaries, and
source code availability
of the Open Language Tools

The aim of these tools is to make the task of translating software and documentation as easy
as possible, and so allow more people to use computers than ever before. If you
can’t use a computer because it’s interface isn’t translated into your language
then we want to provide tools that can help.

Based around open standards such as XLIFF and TMX,
we strive for interoperability with other translation tools, while at the
same time creating an open-source implementation of these standards that can
serve as a reference for others. The source code is released under the terms of
the CDDL.

Today, we’re announcing the two components of the tool set :

Open Language Tools XLIFF Translation Editor
and the
Open Language Tools XLIFF Filters – for screenshots, downloads, information on how
to access our CVS, and a project FAQ,
please visit our
project home page. We’ve got
a list of areas where
we’d like help
on our home page, so if you feel like lending a hand, we’d love
to have you along !