So, along with shopping for beds, and whinging about people not using open standards one of the other things I wanted to do over my vacation, was to clean the sensor on my 10D.

It had been a while since I’ve done that – the last time, was just after getting back from NZ, and so it was getting pretty grimy by this stage. Now, I’ve been doing this since 2003, and while it’s the digital photography equivalent of open heart surgery, I wasn’t too worried : I’d had no problems with it so far, so why should this be any different ?

It was.

I’ve somehow managed to create three very small scratches on the surface of the sensor (well, if you’re nit-picking, they’re actually on the glass filter that sits on top of the sensor) The result is invisible at wide apertures, but stopped down to f32, you can definitely see three scratches on resulting photos. Uhho.

Mailing the local camera shop, they suggested that this would be “uneconomical” to fix (their emphasis on that word is truely worrying) : I’m imagining at least an €800 repair bill – so the question is, can I live with the scratches, cloning them out on any photos I take at small apertures, or do I start saving now for a new body ? Advice welcome !