Hmm, the media… (try to stay positive, Tim, watch your language)

Okay, deep breath – this article has a number of pretty wild opinions that I disagree with :

Employees have probably forgotten how to spell the word “morale”,…


The company’s SunRay1 thin client product was technically very compelling but remains one of the biggest inside jokes in the industry. Sun employees are famous for complaining about the performance of this system which forms the core of Sun’s operations infrastructure and helps both to cripple Sun and to showcase its lack of competence on the desktop.

being two such examples. It makes me wonder why I bother reading tech-media these days at all. Does the author back up any of these quotes with hard data ? This seems to be written purely for sensationalism, following the crowd, along the lines of “Hey, everyone’s bashing Sun, guess I’d better do that too”.

I think that morale in this company is very strong at the moment – we’re coming out fighting, we still use the best operating system on the planet (which we made even better with the Solaris 10 release) and which we’re working to improve further with a little help from our friends. We’ve a product range that kicks ass, and from what I’ve seen in the public announcements of our product roadmap and the strategy we’re taking, there’s stuff coming down the line that’s going to knock your socks off, not to mention all the neat stuff in the labs.

But don’t take my word for it – here’s what other people are saying. (see how I give an opinion, and then back it up ?)

Next up, I love Sun Ray – it’s wonderful. I will continue to tell anyone who’ll listen about it’s benefits and how useful the system is – in fact, I spent some of last weekend helping out the missus with her office-move, crawling under desks connecting PCs back together, and reconfiguring them because their server got upgraded : if they’d been using Sun Rays instead of fat clients, I’d have been done in 10 minutes, not 8 hours. (sigh) To this day, everyone I’ve ever shown Sun Ray and hot-desking to, has gone away in a sort of confused “why on earth aren’t we using this at our company” haze. If you haven’t seen Sun Ray up close, do yourself a favour, get in touch with your local Sun reseller and ask for a demo.

Low morale ? Sheesh.

My last comments along these lines were 3 months ago, so it’ll be interesting to see if there’s a pattern emerging here : check back for another “Tim whinging about the media”-post in November :-)

In the meantime, you should know, that I’m still very excited to be working for this company : there’s a happy employee here.