Canon announced their latest digital SLR the other day : the Canon 5D, which is at last a nearly-affordable DSLR with a full frame sensor, along with what looks like a nice f4 L-series lens with IS (I really wish they’d do an IS version of the 70-200 f4 L)

However, I’m quite relieved (in a strange sort of way) that they haven’t yet solved the dust problem – that is, because if they had, I’d feel pretty bad having just spent the €350 or so, getting the low-pass filter on my 10D replaced because I broke it a while back trying to eradicate said-dust from the sensor but also, because I think a decent full-frame Canon body that tackles this problem once and for all would be a must-have (and I don’t want to buy another camera just yet!).

I’m still waiting for my repaired camera to be shipped back to me – so hopefully, I’ll be able to put nice photos back on this blog real soon now… Until then, here’s one I made earlier :

Moeraki Boulders
, New Zealand : septarian concretions, formed around (erm) dust particles :-)

taken at f11, 1/250, 17-40f4L, for the photo geeks out there

Update : Now that DPReview has a preview of the camera on it’s website,
another disappointment for me, is that there’s still no ISO setting read-out in the viewfinder display – something I’ve always wanted, but don’t seem to be able to get without upgrading to a professional body (sigh)