A while back, I was talking a bit about birthday presents (my preciousss…) discussing my dilema between going for an iPod, or an Ultra 20. Well, I’m delighted to say that my good friends Kev & Nic, for whom I was best man at their wedding last weekend, gave me an engraved 4gb iPod mini as a thankyou. I’m really thrilled about that – Kev’s far too generous you know : all I did was keep people calm, and attempt to say a few witty words after dinner and not insult too many people :-)

Anyway, since I’ve now got an iPod (nicely working with my Solaris Express laptop, I’ll hasten to add – but not yet automounting properly, it manually mounts using hints from SteveJay’s blog and using gtkpod – btw. anyone know the vold.conf or rmmount.conf incantations I need to get automount working ?) it means that I can forge ahead with my next tech-purchase of a new workstation (while happily dancing around as a black silhouette with white earphones on a brightly coloured background of course… Hum.)