This morning’s dose of good cheer and general feel-good attitude comes from listening to a CD I was lent recently. We went along to see Tommy Emmanuel when he played in Dublin in July, and although unfortunately his concert was cut a little short as he wasn’t well on the night, (having never heard him before) I’ve borrowed a copy of Endless Road and I’m definitely a fan. I’d been to see folks like Adrian Legg and Bruce Mathiske in concert (a few times!), so this guy is right up my street – well worth checking out all of these guitar players if you get a chance.

Now, changing topics a bit, I’ve got millions of other reasons to be optimistic, but from a Sun Microsystems point of view, I’m really looking forward to the announcements coming later today. Remember a while back, I was mentioning that we make great workstations and that I was saying that we made pretty good servers too and that a while before that I was talking about some stuff that would knock your socks off ? Well, this is some of the stuff I was talking about – there’s not long to wait now ! :-)

[Update] – today we announced the new SunFire entry-level servers : seriously nice pieces of kit. Given the option to buy these, why would you go for Dell or HP systems ? But hey, don’t take my word for it – go ask the guys over at