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Over the last while, I’ve been thinking a lot about OpenSolaris and wondering what I could do to help promote it more. Well, I reckoned the OpenSolaris Marketing community were just the guys I was after, and I was right !

The only problem I saw, was that despite running into a like-minded group of people (who are all v. cool!), there didn’t seem to be anything concrete on the web pages that said how I could help them out. Initially I tried to put together a few things about my spin on some potential OpenSolaris ad-campaigns, but those didn’t seem quite right : something felt wrong with the way I was approaching it, so I changed direction a bit.

Here’s my thinking : everybody working on and with OpenSolaris is actually doing marketing already, even if they don’t know it. Just have a look here on OpenSolaris blogs and you’ll see what I mean. There’s actually no need for flashy ad campaigns, or press releases, or any of that traditional marketing stuff – in fact, we proved just that on Opening Day, by doing the whole announcement of OpenSolaris via blogs, the message got out, without spin, and the infectious enthusiasm of the people working on the code came shining through.

So, given that the community seems perfectly able to market the project on it’s own, what’s the OpenSolaris marketing project actually for ? Well, I think it should be a first port of call for community members to go to when they’re looking to promote OpenSolaris. We’re only here to help you guys, not to coordinate and control, but instead provide you with whatever resources you need to promote the project : whether that’s having a list of reasons why your friend should choose to develop his software on OpenSolaris, or whether it’s knowing what exactly to say when you’re stuck in an elevator with a windows weenie user to convince him to change his ways. That’s why we’re here, imho.

So, in an effort to articulate this a little more, I came up with a list of areas where the marketing project needs your help : initially, I just posted it to the marketing alias, but the folks there seemed to like the cut of my jib, and wanted me to post the article. So I did : the list is far from complete, but any thoughts and comments are most welcome!

Keep spreading the word!

btw. I’ve added a new RSS category here, OpenSolaris where I’ll try to put these type of posts : planet.localisationdev folks – you may want to update your RSS settings to concentrate on my translation, language & tools posts, but it’s up to you…