Darren kicked things off for the Irish OpenSolaris User Group meeting last night with an excellent tour around the security features of the code, and where to find it in the source tree. Thanks Darren, much appreciated !

We had a pretty good turn out for the meeting, which was nice to see, a fair few Sun folks, but also lots of others – long may that continue. True to my word, there were CD and DVD kits of Solaris Express 09/05 being given away if you were there, though I think we may have some other copies that were burnt for the occasion, but somehow never made it to DIT on the night. I guess that’s a good incentive for us to hold another meeting before the CDs run past their expiry date (that is, until the next Solaris Express release gets spun, not that the CDs will magically implode (they won’t!)).

Of course, people looking at the OpenSolaris source code get a head start on the bits that eventually get bundled into those distributions, so no need to wait if you’re curious.

One of the questions we left with the folks attending the meeting was exactly what they want to get out of the user group ? There seemed to be quite a lot of interested people who’d never run Solaris before, so maybe more of a installfest and a blazing tour around the features now in Solaris would be good ? Certainly from some of the conversation in The Porterhouse afterwards, people seemed pretty interested about things like DTrace, SMF & Zones – do you guys want to know more about those kind of things before we start delving into what makes them tick behind the scenes again ? Let us know !

I’m looking forward to the next meeting (no schedule yet) but if you missed last night’s talk, I believe Mike’s got it all on video tape, so we’ll try to arrange a way to get both the video, and audio of the talk linked somewhere off our home page.