I’m going to keep quiet around the reason behind my last post for a bit – all will become clear eventually. In the meantime, I’ve had a bit of time to put together a list of OpenSolaris talks & presentations that we’ve put up on the OpenSolaris User Group page.

You’ll notice that a lot of the links are pointers to blogs where the presenters have posted about what they’re going to be talking about : I’m a fan of blogs of course, but sometimes it’s possible to lose posts in the noise, so hopefully maintaining a list like that will help people find content a bit more quickly.

If I’m missing any talks or presentations, can you let me know and I’ll update the page : just send me a date, what you presented, and most importantly, slides, mp3s or videos of your presentation (I guess there’s no point in listing presentations where all the viewer can do is wish they were at the original presentation, I’m looking for content! ) Thanks all !

Oh, special thanks to the guys in the SVOSUG, for making me think “Wow, great page, I wish there was something like this for all the other user-groups!” – this is me just scratching that itch…)