I’m in Prague at the moment starting my last week in the G11n org at Sun. I’m going to be moving into the Operating Platforms Group next week, working initially on test development for ZFS and who knows what else after that.
(hence my post of a few weeks back, when I heard I’d been offered the job)

This was a pretty difficult decision to make : I’ve been working on g11n-related things for the last 9 years, since I started at Sun, initially doing localisation testing, then moving into l10n engineering and release management, a little work on internationalisation and then finally into translation tools development. I’ve been working on this problem area for quite a while, and have been doing my very best to lose my job. Did I succeed at that ? Well, no, I don’t think I did, however I am proud of many of the things I’ve achieved while working on g11n. In particular, I still grin from ear to ear when I think about the Open Language Tools project, which was my first foray into open source development. I’ve left G11n at Sun in a better state than it was in when I started, so I’m pleased with that.

The pros of the move of course outweighed the cons (which is why I’m moving). Sun, as I’ve mentioned before, is an amazing company, and there’s no shortage of interesting projects that any engineer would give anything to be able to work on. Solaris (and OpenSolaris) is a pretty large draw for me and the opportunity to work on it was something I had to grab. So, for the next while, I get to be a complete newbie : I’m not sure how much I’m going to be able to post about the work I’m doing – they say you should blog about stuff you know – I know translation tools pretty well, but test development ? Well, it’ll be a learning curve that I’m going to enjoy whooshing along – so things may go quiet here for a bit, in terms of work-releated posts. We’ll see how it goes.

So, this week, I’m here in the Czech Republic, giving tutorials and chatting with Boris, Michal and Zdenek about the remaining bits of translation technology that we haven’t yet open sourced, and working out how we’re going to do that. Let me know if you’ve any thoughts, questions or concerns : as I say, I’m just moving to another group, I’m not going to instantly forget everything I know about g11n, and I’ll keep this blog category and will try to post occasionally here : there’s not many other folks on blogs.sun.com talking about translation and internationalisation, where are all you guys ?! Come on in, the water’s fine !