I’m now legally allowed drive on the Irish roads, after Dublin City Council posted me out my driving license (which took a lot less time than waiting for them to give me a test date!)

In the time since I last posted about this, we’ve since traded in our little white Opel Corsa for something a bit nicer :

Our car

– a 1996 BMW 3 series. It’s not going to half as economical as our little Corsa was (1.6 vs. 1.2l engine) but it’s a lot nicer to drive! We figured that since both myself and the missus cycle to work, and that any time we do drive anywhere, we tend to travel long distances, that we might as well do it in some amount of comfort. I’m finding that I really like power steering, which our old car didn’t have (oh and I also appreciate being able to miss a gear by mistake and not have the engine sound like it was about to drop out of the car!)

Of course, the next battle will be trying to persuade the missus to allow me to put a Solaris sticker in the back window (I had one in the Corsa while I was learning to drive) – I have a bad feeling I might not win this one…