I’ve made it to my thirtieth birthday! Got lots of lovely presents this morning too – some (fashionable) clothes from the lovely Bob, along with CDs, books and other nice things : I feel very special, thanks sweetheart!

We didn’t quite get to the Ultra 20 I’d been dreaming of, mostly because there’s some breakage around the process for getting a discount on one of these if you’re a Sun employee outside the US (!) but I’m sure it’ll get sorted out eventually. In the meantime, I had wandered off to price a Dell machine, but I just couldn’t bring myself to click the “order” button : besides, we’ve already got a heating system in our house, which works perfectly well, thank you! (Didn’t you know, our competitors now sell

Last year, we spent the day in the Dublin mountains, changing into our outdoor gear and happily swapping lenses on my

, and a very enjoyable day it was too.

This year, I’ll be spending the day in the office changing storage configurations and swapping disks in my 3320 as well as playing with some other much larger machines with lots of disks attached (which are sadly on the other side of the Atlantic, so I don’t get to stare at
das blinkenlights
). As Z-Day continues to loom folks, it’s been all hands to the deck, all weekend !

Later on, I’ve no doubt there’ll be the usual ad hoc display of
around the neighbourhood here, so I’ll post some photos
if I can.

Update: last years photos are here, this years photos are here : I wonder am I getting any better at taking fireworks photos, hmm, not sure..