I spent a large amount of time last night shuffling data between my ancient little PIII (a Dell Optiplex GX110, called “dingdong” – “Dell”, geddit ?) and my also-getting-on-a-bit iMac in order to free up space to install ZFS. Quite a chore, given that when I started, I only had 5gb free on the Mac, and needed to free up 27gb from somewhere (ouch – /Applications/Games is a lot smaller now!).

Interestingly, for me, not too much will change in terms of where I keep my data now that I’m on ZFS: the Dell box has one 6gb drive and one 160gb drive. I used to have UFS on the 160gb disk, mounted on /space treating it as a single storage pool. I had my user directories, various archive directories and the contents of csw and sfw, all stored there and then mounted to their correct locations via lofs entries in vfstab which all worked fine. But I suspect a lot will change in terms of how easy it is to manage.

Now, I just have :

# zpool list
NAME                    SIZE    USED   AVAIL    CAP  HEALTH     ALTROOT
space                   149G   6.70G    142G     4%  ONLINE     -
# zfs list
space                 19.5G   128G  18.5G  /space
space/archive         1004M   128G  1004M  /space/archive
space/bob                8K   128G     8K  /space/bob
space/csw                8K   128G     8K  /opt/csw
space/local              8K   128G     8K  /usr/local
space/network_admin      8K   128G     8K  /space/network_admin
space/primary_admin      8K   128G     8K  /space/primary_admin
space/sfw                8K   128G     8K  /opt/sfw
space/timf               8K   128G     8K  /space/timf

Of course, data’s still copying at the moment – it’ll be a while before I can free up the space on the Mac again 1. Having done all this though, I think I need to get my data-management hat on. I’ve basically got all my data on one drive – which I’m getting nervous about : definitely asking for trouble there. At the very least, I should backup the 60gb of photos I have kicking about the place. Cheap, reliable backup solutions anyone ? (multiple good-quality DVD-Rs ? Tape ? Suggestions welcome!)

Once all that’s sorted out, my next task will be to move the home directories on the Mac to NFS-mount from the Dell box… A Home Sys-Admin’s life for me!

Steve, Please could you get your guys to port iTunes to Solaris, and ask your friends at Adobe and Canon to port Photoshop and Digital Photo Professional as well – thanks!