Yep, that was pretty easy – my own OpenSolaris build, done following the instructions here (many thanks to the OpenSolaris code wranglers & release engineers for making the build process so painless!) :

# uname -a
SunOS maranello 5.11 20051207 i86pc i386 i86pc
# cat /etc/motd
Sun Microsystems Inc.   SunOS 5.11      20051207        Dec. 22, 2005
SunOS Internal Development:  root 2005-12-22 [20051207]
bfu'ed from /space/os/opensolaris/20051207/archives/i386/nightly on 2005-12-22
Sun Microsystems Inc.   SunOS 5.11      snv_28  October 2007

You’ll note the rather dull build-name “20051207” – I had thought of things like FosterOS or Timix, but really that would have been too egotistical, and it’s not at all like me :-)

The build took a while to complete:

# head nightly.log
==== Nightly distributed build started:   Thu Dec 22 10:52:13 GMT 2005 ====
==== list of environment variables ====
# tail nightly.log
==== No 'dmake check' ====
==== Find core files ====
==== Nightly distributed build completed: Thu Dec 22 14:27:18 GMT 2005 ====
==== Total build time ====
real    3:35:05

… and that build was done on the nice shiny Ferrari
which reached volcanic, almost nuclear temperatures during the build – the machine nearly melted though several pieces of furniture in the process (you remember that scene in Alien where they discover the properties of the Alien’s blood for the first time ? Same thing here) but it did cool down nicely after the build finished. Just to make sure, I bfu’d the machine to my freshly built bits, and completed another build on those bits – everything seems to be working normally so far.

I suspect the build took so long because of the rather slow 4200rpm disk in the laptop, which leads me to wonder whether the build would go faster if I created a ZFS storage pool based off one slice on the internal disk, and another on an external USB disk I have floating around.. (as ZFS would dynamically stripe the data across both disks, hopefully improving performance : guess it depends on how fast USB2 is in this case) A task for another day perhaps.

Now, next step is to start learning more about the source code I just built! Off up to Carrickfergus this afternoon – so I’ll have and excuse to sit down and take it easy after the 3hr drive..

ps. Thanks for the t-shirt Sara, will mention more about that in a few days!