I realised there wasn’t much going on in the
last screenshot
I posted of me experimenting about with BrandZ, so here’s another. This one shows me running a gnome-session on a vncserver running in a linux zone, on an OpenSolaris-based laptop – with a pile of other stuff too.

If you look carefully, you’ll also see me running Firefox connecting to the BrandZ website, and a list of services and processes that are being run in the linux zone. On the OpenSolaris desktop, you can see the output of zoneadm list -iv and prstat -Z. I also kicked off an apache server in the zone, and the other firefox window shows me connecting to that.

All in all, I’m really very impressed by this stuff, even though it’s early days yet – thus far, it hasn’t crashed, my datacenter hasn’t gone on fire, nor has my cat been kicked – nice work