I’ve just about got all my plans sorted for the upcoming trip to the States. The plan is to vist MPK and BRM and meet up with the ZFS team, and various test groups in the company and generally try to learn a bit about what everyone’s doing.

I’ll be in and around the Bay Area, CA from tomorrow evening (well, probably Sunday depending on how the jet-lag goes) until Sunday 15th Jan. I’ll most likely be somewhere around MPK17 (one of Sun’s buildings in Menlo Park) for the week. After that, I’m off to Broomfield, where I’ll be staying till the 22nd of January.

So, if you feel like meeting up – or otherwise finding me in order to complain/congratulate/say hello/talk shop or otherwise, please drop me a mail!
I’ll try to post photos here if I get up to anything interesting along the way… See you next week perhaps!