I’m just back from the FROSUG meeting where the topic was one close to my heart, ZFS. Mark Maybee gave an excellent presentation of the capabilities and features ZFS brings to OpenSolaris, fundamentally different than file systems that have come before it. I think he left the audience pretty impressed : after the presentation, intelligent questions were asked and duely answered. There was a pretty good turnout I thought, and everyone who came for the pizza stayed for the talk (also an encouraging sign!)

The only question I thought of asking occurred to me after the event (sorry) and that was, of everyone who was listening to that presentation, how many of them are using ZFS right now ? (I’m proud to say I’m one of them – I couldn’t live without snapshots on my laptop, home and work machines, they’re just too useful!) Anyone who was at the meeting care to add their own thoughts in the comments section below ? By the way, if you haven’t tried ZFS, and missed the meeting, you should check out some of the flash-based demos we have online.

It was great to meet more folks who work on OpenSolaris, and the pints afterwards with Mark, Jenny, Lisa & Sam were great – they have nice beer here! In general, I really like Colorado : fabulous scenery (which you can’t see much of today due to the snow, but it’s definitely there, hopefully get to explore more over the weekend) and very friendly people : can you guys ask me back soon ? [ And indeed, please come visit Ireland as soon as you can!! ]