It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here – sorry about that. This is for a number of reasons, some of which include that I’m extremely busy in work at the moment. I’m also extremely busy in non-work as well, and in general, the side effects are positive, with the the only exception being that I’m not getting to post here as much as I’d wanted to. Again, sorry.

Some of the things I’d hoped to be able to talk a bit more about, is my thoughts and experiences of being a full time time test slave here in the Operating Platforms Group at Sun. I fully intend to do so at some point, as soon as I get chance. Real soon now.

What I’m finding, is that I seem to have hooked back into the automating myself out of a job frame of mind. However, the motivation behind doing that at the moment is completely different than my days writing translation tools.

This time, instead of trying to automate boring, or potentially very expensive operations, as it was in the translation tools group (translation is very expensive, yet from an engineering perspective, potentially boring : which shouldn’t be taken that I’m dissing translators, nor ignoring the exciting parts of translation, just that I’m not sure it’s ever been glamourised to the extent that it deserves), I’m instead finding that I have to automate things because we’re flying so fast in the world of ZFS-test, that we’re picking bugs out of our teeth (and ZFS, it has to be said) and without this automation, we just wouldn’t be able to develop the filesystem as fast as we are at the moment. More work to do, but we’re getting there.

So, regardless of the occasional bug that we see, which I’m sure can probably get testers down from time to time, I’m still grinning wildly each day that I use ZFS, and having the opportunity to work closer to the core of OpenSolaris is something that I’m getting a whole lot of kicks from. Life is good.

Speaking of automation, Vernor Vinge has some interesting things to say about the subject, and from a different perspective, I’ve just finished listening to Cory Doctorow’s podcast, where he was reading his novella Human Readable – sometimes you can automate too much. Must keep that in mind.

Anyway, other than that – I’ve not much to report; I just wanted to write something to say that I’m still here, and still reading email (regardless of what it might look like to people who’ve sent me email, and haven’t yet seen a reply: sorry about that). By the way, the title of this post is a reference to a simple shell script I wrote which I use daily. It sends email to the lovely-Bob as soon as I get into the office, just letting her know that I haven’t been hit by a bus on my run/walk/cycle into work – not quite automatic yet, and if I could somehow link it to an RFID reader connected to my workstation at work that detects the presence of my sun-badge, that’d be fantastic, but for the time being, a shell script called bob is good enough!