You’ll have seen the news by now about Jonathan taking on the position of CEO at Sun.

I’ve been at Sun for 10 years, and so far have been through re-orgs at every level of the company, except the very top – well, that changed yesterday. I believe Scott has done an absolutely stellar job over the years, he’ll continue being a fantastic ambassador for the company and I wish him all the best in his new job as Chairman. Of course, change is inevitable, and is a very positive thing. I’ve been watching Jonathan for the last while, listening to what he has to say and seeing that he really understands the DNA of this company: I’m strongly convinced we’ve got the right guy to bring Sun through the next 10 years – really hope I’m able to help out (Hey Jonathan, I bleed Sun purple too! (more here))

Anyway, if you haven’t heard from our new CEO before,
here’s a good place to start

In the meantime, despite this change, in many ways it’s still business as usual for a lot of us – and for me, that means continuing to put our new filesystem ZFS through it’s paces and help make it the best filesystem on the planet. Change – bring it on!